Launching “Kaakpunt”

I am Fien and for years I have worked with people suffering from jaw disorders such as bruxism, jaw pain, and jaw clenching. I have always looked for ways to better help these people, and I am therefore extremely happy to be able to tell you about Kaakpunt, my new online support program. The tool is currently only available in Dutch.

With Kaakpunt, we help people online to address the negative consequences of bruxism. Our team of professionals, consisting of kinesiotherapists and other experts, is ready to help you with this problem. Over a number of weeks, we will teach you all the things you can do to address the problem, so that we can put an end to clenching and grinding together.

We offer a unique and convenient way to support people in addressing jaw disorders, from the comfort of their own home. This means you don’t have to travel or take time to visit a practice, and can work on your jaw health at your own pace.

As a professional team, we are confident that JawPoint will be a great help to many people with jaw disorders. We look forward to helping you address your problems and put an end to clenching and grinding together.

Take a look at our website today and discover how Kaakpunt can help you address your jaw disorders. We are here to help you.

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