Turn Your Dental Idea into Success with DentiVentures

DentiVentures is a company specializing in transforming innovative ideas in the orofacial care sector, with a particular focus on bruxism, into successful businesses. They provide a bridge between medical insight and the business world, led by a team of experts in medical and business development. DentiVentures supports startups by offering medical expertise, strategic industry connections,Continue reading “Turn Your Dental Idea into Success with DentiVentures”

Launching “Kaakpunt”

I am Fien and for years I have worked with people suffering from jaw disorders such as bruxism, jaw pain, and jaw clenching. I have always looked for ways to better help these people, and I am therefore extremely happy to be able to tell you about Kaakpunt, my new online support program. The toolContinue reading “Launching “Kaakpunt””

The dental metaverse is the future

The dental community has expressed a growing interest in the metaverse and its applications. How come? What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is a virtual environment that simulates the natural world via multisensory interactions with 3D objects. In other words, the metaverse ecosystem is a 3D world simulation or twin world. Think of the MetaverseContinue reading “The dental metaverse is the future”

New AirPod feature: detecting bruxism

On October 6th, Apple employees filed a patent application on the diagnosis and monitoring of bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) using “earbud motion sensors”. This will be a new health tool with their AirPod Pros. What is bruxism? Bruxism is the habit of (un)consciously gritting or grinding the teeth especially in situations of stress orContinue reading “New AirPod feature: detecting bruxism”

Apple patents bruxism device

Patent 20220313153: Enclosed are embodiments for diagnosis and monitoring of bruxism using earbud motion sensors. In an embodiment, a method comprises: receiving, with at least one processor, a signal derived from a motion sensor in an earbud, wherein the signal is captured while the earbud is inserted in an ear of a user; segmenting, withContinue reading “Apple patents bruxism device”