The Connection Between Mewing and Bruxism Relief

Bruxism, the habitual grinding or clenching of teeth, is a prevalent dental condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While it’s typically associated with stress and dental issues, a recent trend has emerged suggesting a potential link between bruxism and a practice known as “Mewing.” Mewing, popularized by Dr. John Mew, involves proper tongue postureContinue reading “The Connection Between Mewing and Bruxism Relief”

Review of the effectiveness of biofeedback for treating Bruxism

A new study published this week (January 2023) suggests that biofeedback may be an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding) during the day. Understanding Biofeedback Devices for Bruxism What are biofeedback devices, and how do they work for bruxism treatment?Can biofeedback devices effectively detect teeth grinding and clenching? The study, whichContinue reading “Review of the effectiveness of biofeedback for treating Bruxism”

Jaw pain after oral sex

Oral sex is a pleasurable activity that is enjoyed by many couples. Unfortunately, it can cause jaw pain in some people. This article will explore the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of jaw pain after oral sex. Oral Sex and Jaw Pain: What You Need to Know Jaw pain after receiving oral sex is notContinue reading “Jaw pain after oral sex”

Apple patents bruxism device

Patent 20220313153: Enclosed are embodiments for diagnosis and monitoring of bruxism using earbud motion sensors. In an embodiment, a method comprises: receiving, with at least one processor, a signal derived from a motion sensor in an earbud, wherein the signal is captured while the earbud is inserted in an ear of a user; segmenting, withContinue reading “Apple patents bruxism device”

Overview article on bruxism

Since 2020, dentists and other oral health professionals around the world have seen a sharp increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for problems caused by bruxism, a fancy word for grinding and clenching your teeth with force. While bruxism is fairly common, with pre-pandemic data suggesting that 31% of adults were chronic chompersContinue reading “Overview article on bruxism”

Covid caused surge in bruxism cases

In mid June 2021, two scientists analysed whether the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on bruxism. Result The study showed that the relative search volume for bruxism, teeth grinding, and teeth clenching, as an indication of public interest and demand, increased both worldwide and in the United States during the May–October 2020 period compared toContinue reading “Covid caused surge in bruxism cases”

Tooth decay due to bruxism

One of the impacts of bruxism is tooth decay. When does tooth decay occur? In order for tooth decay to be developed in a tooth, that tooth must have acid producing bacteria around it, along with food for the bacteria to feed upon.  Teeth that are susceptible to decay will have little to no fluorideContinue reading “Tooth decay due to bruxism”