I launched this website in late 2017. I wanted to share my knowledge about jaw pain in general: teeth grinding, clenching, restricted mouth openings, etc

It was soon clear that there was a place for the texts I wrote: in 2020, more than 100,000 people visited the website, far more than I could ever reach in my practice. I was therefore very driven to add content to the website.

Some of the most read articles are on the use of Magnesium supplements to reduce bruxing, the advantages of massages, the link with bruxism and acid reflux (‘GERD’), and how recreational drugs can cause issues in the jaw region.

During the Corona outbreak, the world stood still. My world too. It made me think about the future. I wanted to keep helping people, I wanted to keep being innovative, so I started looking for another challenge.

I saw a big overlap between the patients I treated with jaw pain. It made me decide to change my approach, and focus on all physical complaints of the jaw: teeth clenching and grinding, tinnitus, support after jaw surgery, and other general pains in the jaw joint. I felt I could make a difference and help people with this so-called orofacial physiotherapy.

Given the complexity of the problem, I do not believe in silver bullets. More specifically, I only advise Botox, Mouth guards, biofeedback devices, in a broader multifactorial approach to teeth grinding and clenching. I am working on bruxismacademy.com to spread the word.

You can still contact me for a private consult. Contact me in my practice fienjonnaert.be (in Dutch) or kaakpijn.be (in English) if you think I can help you.

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