Stop grinding your teeth!

I’m Fien, a physical therapist specialised in treating teeth grinding or bruxism.

During the covid pandemic, I was overwhelmed with questions from patients. So I decided to convert the knowledge from my private practice in an online offer. My mission: eliminate the problems you have with your teeth grinding.

My approach

Teeth grinding is usually the result of habits you have without being aware of them, such as poor posture, stress or nervousness.

I take a multidisciplinary approach to grinding. Grinding consists of several underlying problems. We address these different problems simultaneously:

  • Increased jaw tension
  • Stress (gaining insight into your stressors, reflection exercises, different techniques to reduce stress)
  • Increased tension in the rest of your body (neck, high and middle back pain)
  • Pain Education and management

I stand for a personal approach. Every person is different. Some techniques work better for some people than for others. Because of the wide range of techniques, there is surely something that works for you.

What do my patients think?

You can find experiences of the program at Wisdoc and at Google.

Known from several news outlets (Dutch): De Standaard, Radio 1, Het Nieuwsblad, VRT NWS (Sunday afternoon news), Plus Magazine, …

Experiences of colleagues: Bart Vinck (tinnitus expert), Karen (audiologist)

How does it work?

I provide two touch points, this can be via video call or telephone.

We start with an intake interview in which we see if the program is something for you. If I cannot help you, you will get your money back.

In the first conversation I help you with short-term relief, with a solution for the most severe complaints. I then use your experiences later for the long-term solution.

In addition to the contact moments, we work with a video series that I have recorded. Different videos have been recorded about different subjects. You can easily play the videos.

After a month there is a follow-up. Count on a three-month trajectory to achieve concrete and lasting changes.

So, in short, after the intake session, I’m reasonably sure whether you will be able to benefit from my program. If not, I will be able to direct you to the best healthcare professional to assist you further.


My support costs xxx euros. There are options for a rebate, see below.

You can also pay using wire transfer (Europe).


The cost of the programme is 20 EUR per week. This includes lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum and forty people.


We are based in Europe, so your data is protected by the stringent GPDR. Your data will not be sold to third parties. Read more about privacy here.




I am an honest person trying helping you. I am not a evil marketeer that wants to follow you until the end of time.

So bookmark this site (Ctrl-D), and if you are ready to try it out, feel free to come back to this page, and try my programme.