Here comes a list of tools and appliances helping you to solve bruxism. This list is in progress as of June 2022. We are currently moving the content on this page to a specific website:

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Tongue surgeryTongue surgery can help with bruxism by removing the frenulum, or the band of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.
This band of tissue can be very sensitive and can cause the tongue to be pulled back into the mouth when the teeth are clenched.
Removing the frenulum can help to prevent the tongue from being pulled back into the mouth.
Elevated Sleeping PositionsSleep on your back, and use an elevated pillow
Faceformer  en
Brux Night Guard
Bite CorrectionBite correction can help with bruxism by correcting the bite to prevent the teeth from clenching.
BotoxBotox can help with bruxism by relaxing the muscles in the jaw.
When the jaw muscles are relaxed, they are less likely to clench.
MyotapeMyotape can help with bruxism by taping the jaw shut.
This can help to prevent the jaw from clenching. Only in very specific cases.
Eg Zähneknirschen (Bruxismus) – Übungen gegen Zähneknirschen im Schlaf    
Nasal dilators 
Acidic dietAvoiding an acidic diet can help with bruxism by reducing the amount of acid in the mouth.
Acidic foods can cause the teeth to be more sensitive, which can lead to teeth clenching.
breathing or airway issueImproving your breathing can help with bruxism by reducing the amount of stress in your life.
Breathing exercises can help to reduce stress and relax the body.
Mouth excercicesMouth exercices can help to resolve bruxism by relaxing the muscles in the jaw.
This can help to prevent the jaw from clenching.
CBD oil, weed Weed and cbd oil can help to lower the impact of bruxism by reducing
the amount of stress in your life.
ParasitesOur findings suggest that pathogenic parasites may serve as the cause of initiation of bruxism habits among children.”
GrindcareGrindCare is a breakthrough solution for people with bruxism. It measures precisely
how much you grind your teeth, and can then reduce the grinding while you sleep.
GrindCare works by registering muscle activity and sending a mild electrical impulse
that interrupts the grinding.

The GrindCare App allows you to visualize grinding or clenching activity detected by
the BUTLER® GrindCare® device during sleep and track improvements over time.

Data taken from the Grindcare ® manager software showing little effect of the
Grindcare device in reducing parafunctional activity.
Distribution and support stopped end of 2013.
BruxReliefBruxRelief is a companion application for your BruxRelief headband device.
BruxoffBruxoff is a portable holter which is able to simultaneously record masseter muscles activity
and heart activity.
The Bruxmeter software performs an automatic scoring of the sleep bruxism events
recorded during one or more nights of sleep. 
GrindAlertBattery-powered sensing device incorporated into a lightweight, adjustable headband
that senses facial muscle activity specifically related to teeth clenching and grinding,
then signals the patient to stop by emitting an audible tone .
GrindGuardNFDA-cleared night time dental guard (source).
“With patented Central Power Bar helps relax your tendency to
clench your jaw, preventing your teeth from grinding.”
Discontinued somewhere in 2013.

Important lesson here: a lot of totally different possible remedies against bruxism related symptoms exist. Let it be clear that bruxism is a multidisciplinary approach, like the FP method we follow at

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  1. I fixed my sleep apnea using a Velumount device, which is simply a piece of wire you stick in your throat before you go to sleep, and it keeps the important part of throat unblocked during the night. One of those things that truly deserve to be called “life hacks”.
    Learning how to use it is a lot of “fun” (expect to spend half of the day vomiting until you learn how to insert it properly), but afterwards it works like magic.

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