Teeth grinding (bruxism) FAQ

Spineo is an online program to fight bruxism. On this page, we answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about bruxism.

Question: what is the definition of bruxism?

Bruxism is defined as a (1) repetitive (2) jaw-muscle activity (3) characterised by clenching or grinding of the teeth and/or by bracing or thrusting of the mandible.

It has two distinct manifestations: it can occur during sleep (“sleep bruxism”) or while awake (“awake bruxism”).

What are typical symptoms of bruxism?

Symptoms of bruxism can include toothaches, headaches, jaw pain, and a clicking or popping sound when the jaw moves.

How can a mouth guard help with bruxism?

A mouth guard can help to protect the teeth from the damage that can be caused by the grinding and clenching of teeth.

How can bruxism be treated?

Bruxism can be treated with a combination of therapies, including mouth guards, dental work, and behavioral therapies. Spineo.org follows the 5P approach.

What is sleep bruxism?

Sleep bruxism is a type of bruxism that occurs during sleep.

How can botox help with bruxism?

Botox can help to reduce the muscle tension that can cause bruxism. See our list with remedies against bruxism.

What therapist should I visit to resolve my bruxism?

A dentist, a physical therapist, or a sleep specialist may be able to help you resolve your bruxism.

What exercises help with bruxism?

There are a few exercises that may help to soften the impact of bruxism, including jaw clenching exercises and relaxation exercises. We included several of these exercises in our online program.

What is the link between bruxism and tmj?

Bruxism can cause TMJ disorder, and TMJ disorder can cause bruxism.

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