Pain middle back – lungs

Do you suffer from pain in the middle of your back, in your lungs? Rest assured, this is (unfortunately) a common location for your pain.


Our research shows that mid-back pain is often a result of long-term stress that builds up. Your daily stress level rises. You get more tired and tired then suddenly you get back pain when you reach for something, or just sneeze.

Your diaphragm is the main cause for both causes. Your diaphragm or diaphragm is usually the cause of mid-back pain. You will always use it when lifting heavy objects, especially when you are going to hold your breath to apply extra force.

Pijn in de middenrug kan veroorzaakt worden door je middenrif of diafragma
Your diaphragm … cause of back pain in the middle of your back to your lungs

Your diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle and becomes tense. When you feel tension, you put pressure in the middle part of your back. When the muscle tension increases, your ribs will also be under pressure. They can no longer move enough and therefore put pressure on the middle back via the joints.


So the best approach to pain in the middle of your back, on your lungs, is the following:

  • Make sure you have middle back pain. Take our middle back pain test to be sure
  • Do relaxing exercises for the main muscle;
  • Know which movements are the most stressful;
  • Know when to apply a heat pack or a warm bath

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